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Power Ranger Samurai Mega Ranger Fire Action Figure

Mega Ranger Fire Action Figure
Power Ranger Samurai Mega Ranger Fire Action Figure Image 1


Package Quantity: 1

Mega Ranger Fire Action - a great item from Bandai is indeed fascinating to play with! Among the many attributes for this toy is the red ranger is the leader of the power rangers, his element is fire and his zord a lion. Additional features include collect them all. The Power Ranger toy is 8.25" Height x 1.5" Length x 5.5" Width. Shopping for Mega Ranger Fire Action .

Power Rangers are back! You can play, collect or display these figures, and recreate scenes from the show! Each figure has a new, sleek style, creating these Power Rangers stand out from the rest making use of the pack. Included is truly a basic weapon, and a specific unique weapon, these figures are ready for battle!


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