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Power Ranger Samurai Octo Zord And Mega Ranger Light

Octo Zord And Mega Ranger Light


Package Quantity: 1

Octo Zord And Mega Ranger Light happens to be awesome to play with. I do believe you will love that the toy offers provide a powerful boost to your deluxe megazord (#31575) by connecting the zord vehicles to battlize your megazord. It's 8.5"H x 3"L x 11.5"W. How to buy the Octo Zord And Mega Ranger Light . To take advantage of the bargain I discovered, check out our store add to cart button.

Straight from the TV show comes these awesome booster Samurai Zords to help battle against evil! As portion of the Zord Builder collection introduced in 2010, the Zord Vehicles combine with the Deluxe Vehicle (#31560) by morphing to connect and develop your own personal Zord! Each Zord Vehicle comes utilizing a posed Mega Mode Ranger ready for battle! Each Zord attributes its personal unique gimmick when rolling across the ground to seek out and defeat evil villains. Or collect all of the Zord Vehicles and combine them together to create the Samurai Battle Wing Zord as seen inside the Television show! Provide a strong boost to your Deluxe Megazord (#31575) by connecting the Zord Vehicles to battlize your Megazord. Or collect any in the 4 inch Power Rangers figures and they can ride on the Zord Vehicle also!


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