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Power Ranger Training Set, Blue Ranger Set

Power Ranger Training Set
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Power Rangers

Power Ranger Training Set has to be your kid's best brand new hero toy doll! One of the major characteristics for these toys is the power ranger training set, blue ranger set. Other features include power ranger training gear set and battle gear unlocks cool features!. It's 8.62" Height x 14.63" Length x 6.75" Width. It has a weight of 1 lbs. Lowest price Power Ranger Training Set , add to cart by selecting the weblink below.

Become a Power Rangers Samurai hero with all the Bandai Power Rangers Warrior Training Set. The Samurai Spin Sword spins the discs, and the reflective surface of the sword displays an animation sequence of a Zord coming to life. Its each of the gear needed to morph in to the Water Ranger! This roleplay set consists of a Power Ranger Blue Ranger mask, a Samurai Spin Sword, three sword discs, a disc holder plus a belt clip to holster the sword.


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